WINDSOR, ONT. -- A fire that ripped through an apartment building in east Windsor has forced nearly 100 people out of their home according to officials.

Late on Saturday, Windsor Fire and Rescue Services (WFRS) reported between 75 and 100 people had been displaced as a result of the fire that destroyed a section of a building in the Villa Polonia apartment complex on Little River Road.

"Being a large loss, I think the estimate is close to just over a million dollars in property damage; [it’s] a significant fire and is going to have a significant impact on the community here," said Clive Hubbard, an investigator with the Office of the Ontario Fire Marshal (OFM).

Hubbard’s office was called in to assist with the investigation because of the extensive damage.

On Sunday, Hubbard began his investigation, interviewing the tenant of the apartment thought to be the location of the origin of the blaze.

A single balcony was charred by the fire with the roof directly above incinerated.

However, the extensive damage shouldn’t impede the investigation, according to Hubbard.

"That can be an issue but, I don’t think so in this case," said Hubbard. "I’ve had a preliminary look at the scene and have a fairly good idea of where I need to be."

WFRS reports no one was injured as a result of the fire.

It’s unknown if the residents of the Villa Polonia building at 8545 Little River Rd will be able to return or will if they’re facing the same uncertainty as those residents forced out of their units at Westcourt Place in downtown Windsor after a parking garage fire in that tower.

However, Hubbard credits Windsor firefighters for limiting the fire’s spread and preventing a worse case scenario.

"Their quick response and the work that they did here basically stopped this fire from spreading throughout the entire roof of this structure," said Hubbard.