The cleanup continues Thursday after Environment Canada says two tornadoes touched down in the Windsor area Wednesday night.

Environment Canada says it may have touched down in LaSalle just after 7:00 p.m.

Damage has been sustained in the area of Victory Street and Island View Marina on Front Road in LaSalle and in Windsor, an area around E.C Row and Walker Road to Lauzon Road.

An Environment Canada and Western University damage survey team says preliminary data suggests two tornadoes touched down in the area after surveying the damage and speaking with eyewitnesses on Thursday.

Team Leader Mitch Meredith suggests a F1 tornado hit LaSalle, near Victory Street and Front Road around 7:06 p.m, with peak winds between 135 and 175 km/h. The maximum width of damage was 250 to 300 metres and the length of the track was two kilometres.

Meredith adds soon after, a F2 tornado hit Windsor near E-C Row between Walker Road and Central Avenue with peak winds between 200 and 220 km/h. The maximum width of this tornado was 200 metres and the length of the track was eight kilometres.

Windsor mayor Drew Dilkens says he visited an impacted area on Riberdy Road Thursday morning.

“There have been some really great stories of neighbours helping neighbours,” says Dilkens.

“They went door to door to check on each other.”

There is tree damage, the roofs have been blown off of two houses and structural damages to other homes in LaSalle.

He says 311 is taking calls from residents who are dealing with the aftermath.

Dilkens says there fortunately there were no critical injuries.

No injuries have been reported in LaSalle, in Windsor three people were sent to hospital with minor injuries.

Dilkens says as of now all gas leaks have been addressed in Windsor. 

Power to the LaSalle area was restored around 12:00 a.m. this morning.

"We received excellent cooperation with our utility partners, emergency personnel and town staff last night," said LaSalle mayor Ken Antaya.

Crews from the town of LaSalle's Public Works Department are on site continuing to clear away debris, tree limbs and other materials.

Officials are asking residents to avoid the damaged areas if possible.  If entering the area, please use caution to allow the clean-up crews to continue their work.

The Town of LaSalle's Building Department will also be on site today, verifying the structural integrity of the buildings affected by the storm. Utility crews and town staff continue to monitor the area.

Environment Canada is recording these two events as the sixth and seventh tornadoes of 2016 in Ontario.