The City of Windsor is trying to collect more than a million dollars from unpaid parking tickets.

But parking supervisor Bill Kralovensky is not worried.

Kralovensky tells CTV News the city will collect most of that money when people go to renew their vehicle stickers, and find they can't renew it without paying for the ticket first.

"You can't get your renewal sticker on your birthday every year until the debt with the City of Windsor is cleared up,” says Kralovenksy.

However, there is a downfall to wait to pay your parking ticket.

“If you let your ticket go to that… a $20 parking ticket turns into $120,” says Kralovensky.

While the outstanding amount is a lot, Kralovensky says it is lower than previous years, thanks to the new parking app.

There is almost $800,000 outstanding from 2017 and another $307,000 from the year before.