The idea of a ‘no wake zone’ along the Detroit River is dead in the water.

Councillor Jo-Anne Gignac asked council to consider supporting the establishment of a 'no wake zone' that would force boaters to slow down near people's homes, and stop waves from crashing into the shoreline and onto their properties.

City officials met with the Harbour Master, the RCMP, OPP, Windsor police and LaSalle police on Tuesday to discuss the idea.

Instead of a no wake zone, it was determined the best action was to ask for no motorized watercraft activity within 30 meters of shore.

Mayor Drew Dilkens says this does not include docking but does include activities with jet ski's and other water crafts.

The request will now go to Transport Canada and if approved, would be implemented as soon as possible.

Dilkens expects this to be an issue until water levels drop in August.

Dilkens adds a 'no wake zone' remains in place between Peche Island and Lakeview Marina but residents may not know it since high water levels have damaged the signs.

He expects the signs to be replaced this week.