City of Windsor organizers estimate 60,000 people visited a massive light display in Jackson Park.

Bright Lights Windsor completed its extended run, illuminating the park from Dec. 8 to Jan. 9.

City officials say they received rave reviews from visitors of all ages who enjoyed the spectacular holiday display nightly during its one-month run.

The community has enthusiastically embraced the festival and shared their memories across social media and through feedback to both 311 and event staff, say officials.

But councillor Rito Bortolin still thinks the $1.5-million price tag wasn't such a bright idea.

“At end of day, if I had to go back and change my vote, my vote would remain the same,” says Bortolin.

Council initially approved $3 million for the event but five councillors, including Bortolin voted against it.  One day later came the worst flood in the city's history.

After public outcry, council agreed to a scaled-back version.

“The event was approved with right intentions, right idea in mind and done as free event for everyone," says mayor Drew Dilkens. “I'm pleased for five weeks of show, over 60,000 saw it. The feedback was  positive. It makes me feel really good.”

The new website, was visited over 47,000 times; the official Facebook Event Page reached 154,000 and enjoyed 5,700 positive RSVP’s; videos were viewed over 60,000 times across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

The focus now shifts to removal of the event equipment, which organizers say will be progressive and weather permitting.

Sensitivity is required, as some fixtures are subject to freezing, while others must be removed as quickly as possible, dried and stored to prevent degradation.

One of the last items to be removed will be the dazzling 64-foot tree, which stood tall as the centrepiece of the event.

Suggestions for improvement have been gathered and will be analyzed closely by the organizing committee in hopes of making the experience even better in the future. Visitor and resident suggestions have been greatly appreciated throughout.

To learn more about Bright Lights Windsor, call 311 or visit