The City of Windsor has released its list of the Top 10 help requests made to 311 for the last three months.

It may be hard to believe, but more calls were logged for tree maintenance than storm flooding.

Although the severe weather event from Sept. 28 did generate 1,900 phone calls to the city in two days, the city says the call centre logged 85 more calls regarding trees in July, August and September.

The reason? The reporting period was complete by the end of September and the city received another thousand calls in October.

City officials say 1,700 tonnes of flood materials were collected at the transfer depot.

Rounding out the top three in 311 calls is dirty yard complaints.

In a distant fourth was garbage not being collected.

Other items on the list include downspout disconnection service, tax inquiries, building condition complaints, sewer complaints, information requests and inquiries for Transit Windsor.