Thamesville in Chatham-Kent is beginning to resemble a camp where Chief Tecumseh made his last stand 200 years ago on Saturday.

Period looking tents were popping up and fire pits were being built as hundreds of re-enactors gather on the historic Battle of the Thames site on Thursday.

An estimated six thousand students will learn more about the War of 1812, and 1813 on Friday as part of an education day.

After four years of planning organizers, like Tourism Development Officer, Charlene Houle, are excited about this weekend’s re-enactment. “There is going to be a cavalry charge. That is very unusual for a re-enactment. You're going to have the horses charging across with the Kentucky soldiers on them just as it would have happen 200 years ago.”

Houle says hotels are booked across the region and the re-enactment is going ahead rain or shine.

The re-enactment starts at 10:15 am on Saturday with a British Army drill practice.