The last of four public consultations on a proposal that would see Windsor pick up police duties for Amherstburg saw emotions rise.

The meeting on Saturday saw passionate residents speak before town and police officials.

"If I take a plate, I go in my front yard, pick up dog crap bring it in the house and put it in mashed potatoes vegetables and everything. Guess what? At the end of the day it's still dog crap. Even though you make it look really good,” said Len Paoquette.

Many residents voiced skepticism about the proposal, concerned their small-town identity will be lost, even though the move could save the town more than $500,000 a year.

Municipal officials and Windsor’s police chief say they are being transpaprent and that police can provide superior service at a lesser cost.

"Public safety will only be enhanced greatly by an integrated police response," Chief Al Frederick said.

The president of the Amherstburg Police Association says it’s a contentious issue.

"We would be with a new service. We would be their employees and they could probably do what they wish with us in their own organization,” said Shawn McCurdy.