Good news for a Chatham woman who is fighting leukemia.

Jocelyn McGlynn says her biopsy results are very positive.

McGlynn underwent stem cell surgery in February and in a Facebook post, says her doctor reports she is 98 per cent to 100 per cent donor.

That means almost all of her diseased cells have been replaced with donor cells, and there is no trace of any residual disease.

McGlynn in the post says she is thankful for support, her doctor and her God.

“Words cannot begin to describe how full my heart is with gratitude and love,” she writes. “Only 39 more days until I’m back home!!!”

McGlynn, 21, is aspiring to find a career in health care. She is completing her fourth year in the medical science program at Western University in London.

Numerous swab and blood clinics were held in Windsor, Chatham and London for McGlynn to help in the search for a stem cell donor.

The donor has remained anonymous.