WINDSOR, ONT. -- A 20-year-old Chatham woman has been charged with mischief after police say she urinated and defecated in jail cells while in custody.

On Jan. 29, the woman was released from court with several conditions. One those conditions stated that she was not to attend a specific residence in Chatham.

Last week, police say the woman attended the home and was banging on their door. On Wednesday night, police located the woman and she was arrested.

The woman was charged with failing to comply with her release conditions and held in custody pending a bail hearing.

On Thursday morning, while in police custody, police say the woman urinated on the floor of her cell. She was moved to a second cell and urinated on the floor again. She also took her breakfast and smeared it on the cell camera lens.

The woman was moved to a third cell, where police say she used toilet paper in an attempt to restrict the security camera from being used. When she was moved to a fourth cell, she defecated on the floor.

Officers say all four cells had functioning toilets available.

All four cells were temporarily unavailable for use until they were professionally cleaned and disinfected.

The Chatham woman was arrested and charged with four counts of mischief along with the original charge of failing to comply with her release conditions. She was remanded into custody until Friday.