CHATHAM, ONT. -- A decade after its initial approval, The Boardwalk On The Thames apartment building in downtown Chatham will have its first tenants on March 1st.

The multi-million dollar development isn’t complete, but is close, according to Everlast Group Ltd. owner, Victor Boutin.

“Yes, it’s about time!” Boutin tells CTV News, “It’s been a really tough road and a tough journey, but we hang to it and we did it.”

Boutin says 44 of the 88 units in the 8 floor building are essentially complete. The 8th floor also remains under construction. A few finishing touches with lighting and paint will be done before residents can move in.

“I want it perfect. Not just, say okay we’re just going to cover that up and nobody will see it, no. I know what is behind my walls and I want the people who are here, to be comfortable and to be happy and enjoy the place.”

“It’s great for downtown Chatham and I think it’s great for the community.” Lynn O’Brien, the leasing agent for The Boardwalk, says more than 30 interested people have inquired since late last week.

She says there is demand from within the community and beyond.

“Many of them are Chatham-Kent residents. Some are professionals from out of town looking to move to Chatham. In many cases it’s young professionals or it’s people wanting to downsize into a more luxury type of lifestyle.”

O’Brien says the apartments range in rental price between $2000 and just below $3500. They include one-bedroom units, one-bedroom units with a den, and two-bedroom units with two bathrooms. O’Brien adds that depending on the side of the building, tenants could have a view of Tecumseh Park, or the Thames River or historic downtown Chatham.

Boutin adds there are two retail spaces also available for lease that can be customized, saying he believes the overall project is 80 per cent complete, with a wrap-up date set for June 2021.

“There’s a nice future here, a very nice future here. It’s one of the best communities here, I like this area even better than Toronto!”