LONDON, ONT. -- Only a couple of days after launching a tip line for those with concerns about COVID-19 and people not following measures, Chatham-Kent officials are thanking residents for calling in.

The new tip line has been useful, they say, to help officials identify large social gatherings and non-essential businesses that should be closed.

“The tip line is working well and we have the public to thank for that. People are taking this seriously and using it to inform us about concerns,” said Paul Lacina, director of building development services.

“We’re approaching the tips as an opportunity to inform. So far we have focused on education and have not issued any tickets.”

Enforcement officials are instructed to take a fair and reasonable approach when it comes to breaking up social gatherings and working with business owners, they say.

The tip line is also helping to ease the burden on the 911 system.

Chatham-Kent residents concerned that a person or business is violating physical distancing orders can call the line at 519-360-1998 or email