In light of the tragic events that transpired in Moncton, NB last week, Chatham-Kent police is looking to update their use-of-force options.

By September of this year, frontline officers in Chatham-Kent will be equipped with 15 carbine rifles and x-2 model Tasers in an additional to the hand and shotguns already being used.

"It's shocking! It’s appalling. Certainly our hearts and our condolences go out to both the families and the community as a whole,” says Deputy Chief Gary Conn.

As it stands right now, some frontline officers are issued handguns or shotguns, but Conn says the new carbine rifles offer more accuracy.

"Shotguns are pretty much only effective for up to 20 metres, the rifle on the other hand is 100 metre easy and beyond!"

Following the lead of police in London, Amherstburg and LaSalle, Conn says mass shootings and standoff situations prove these patrol rifles are a necessity to better serve and protect.