LONDON, ONT. -- Two people are facing several charges following a wild police chase that involved a spike belt and even a drone.

Around 3:30 p.m. Friday, an officer on patrol observed a vehicle with unattached plates and believed to be stolen.

When the officer tried to pull over the vehicle, it sped off down Middle Line towards Charing Cross Road.

It turned onto Horton Line where a spike belt was deployed.

The driver kept going despite riding on a rim and a flat tire.

The chase entered the city of Chatham where it was called off when the driver went through a red light.

The vehicle finally stopped on Grand Avenue West and two people fled on foot.

A police drone was used to locate the suspected driver and a passenger was also tracked down.

The driver was charged with possession of crystal meth, flight from police, dangerous driving and several other Highway Traffic Act infractions.

The two suspects will appear in court on July 7.