Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope announced he will be filing his nomination papers for re-election.

Hope was first elected mayor in 2006 and has held the position for three consecutive terms. Prior to that, Hope served as a New Democrat MPP from 1990 to 1995.

“I believe my track record and experience make me an excellent candidate for re-election,” Hope said in a Tweet Tuesday morning.

Hope will face some competition this year, with two other candidates already filing their nomination papers.

Alysson Storey is campaigning on her track record as the past Rotary Preident, a former municipal worker and current advocate for the “build the barrier” campaign, which is advocating the province to install concrete barriers along the median of the 401 through Chatham-Kent.

"The people here are resilient, they are hard-working, they're tough and they know how to get things,” Storey told CTV News in May. “My role as mayor as a leader in this community is to listen to them."

Storey says her experience as an advocate for residents has pushed her to want to give back to the community in a leadership role.

"We need to start planning for our future instead of continuously looking backwards and I think I am a great person to lead that change."

Also running for mayor is current councilor Darren Canniff.

"We need the people of Chatham-Kent to share a vision and get excited about that and move forward with it. That's currently not happening so that is the key to me moving forward," Canniff told CTV News.

The one term councillor is active in the community, helping with the upcoming International Plowing Match while also leading different charitable ventures such as Positivity Day.

"We need recreational facilities we need to make sure that facilities are here for kids to attract them," Canniff said.

The municipal election will be on Oct. 22, 2018.