WINDSOR, ONT. -- Chatham-Kent residents will now be able to enjoy the long weekend with a campfire.

Chatham-Kent Fire and Emergency Services lifted the municipal wide recreational permit suspension Tuesday and all open burn permits are now active. Approved burning devices such as chimineas and gas fire tables do not require a permit.

“This temporary suspension was implemented to reduce the risk of preventable fire spread as this has happened on a number of occasions in the last month and to safeguard our teams whilst we developed our PPE stocks and safety procedures,” Fire Chief Chris Case explained in a news release. “Along with our first responder colleagues the department has had to change its policies and procedures over the past two months with the aims of keeping our community and our staff safe.”

The suspension went into effect on April 1. Chatham-Kent Fire Services said new protocols for dealing with open burn complaints have been developed and will be utilized over Victoria Day weekend.

The fire department said the situation will continue to be monitored and “every precaution will be taken to ensure the highest level of safety continues as the challenges of COVID-19 continue.”

Applications for Recreational Permits and Open Air Burning Permits can be found online.