A new program is being launched in Chatham-Kent to help residents kick the cannabis habit.

Officials with the Health Care Centres say the program called “Breaking Up with Mary Jane” is a 12-week abstinence-oriented cannabis treatment program.

The group will be helped by a Mental Health and Addictions Therapist and registered Social Worker.

It's scheduled to take place at the centers Chatham Location at 150 Richmond Street from 1:30 p.m. until 4 p.m. Thursday, starting February 12.

Health officials say while cannabis is a legally regulated substance it comes with risk, and heavy users may develop a dependence resulting in health and mental disorders.

They add cannabis use is linked to acute psychotic symptoms and cognitive impairment similar to schizophrenia.

Organizers say "Breaking Up with Mary Jane" is meant to allow individuals to realize problematic cannabis use, participate in treatment and to abstain from use by using relapse prevention skills.

The program will also focus on cravings, withdrawal and refusal skills.

The overall goal is to help individuals abstain and maintain long-term recovery from marijuana addiction for improved health and wellbeing.

The deadline to register for this program is Tuesday, January 29.

Individuals wanting more information or to register can call Social Worker, Heather Van Kerkhoven at 519-397-5455 ext. 171 or Addictions Counselor, Cynthia Workman at 519-397-5455 ext. 134.