Discovering there was a social media void for missing pets in southern Ontario, a Chatham-Kent couple decided to start a Facebook page dedicated to the cause.

Pet owners simply upload a picture of their missing animal to the page and the group's users then "share" the picture for all to see.

The page is called Lost Pets of Chatham-Kent. You can find it here:

It began when a stray dog wandered all the way from Windsor to Chatham, to the front door of Heather Clifford and her husband.

Thanks to the canine's dog tag, the Clifford's found the rightful owners.

“We were able to go knock on their door,” says Clifford. “They had moved from the address on the tag. It was a bit of a hide-and-seek game finding the owner, but we did eventually and they were reconnected with their pet."

It doesn't matter what type of absent animal is posted on the page, so long as it helps them get back home. Clifford says they’ve had all sorts – cats, dogs and even a cow.

“Everybody has a smart phone and a tablet,” says Clifford. “Let's use social media to help bring pets back home."

With the page growing in popularity, Clifford says she plans to expand the group onto Twitter to continue bringing lost pets back to their homes.