CHATHAM -- A Chatham-Kent councillor wants one-million trees to be planted in the municipality over the next four years.

South Kent's Anthony Ceccacci put forward the lofty motion on Monday, saying he hopes it takes root.

"I think it's more beneficial to put in an initiative rather than tell people what they can and can't do on their property,” says Ceccacci.

He tells CTV News part of the idea is to help residents who want to plant trees.

“This is an initiative if you want help on your property how can we engage the conservation authority, how can we engage the municipality and say you want to plant some trees? We can help," adds Ceccacci.

Ceccacci would like to see businesses help fund the initiative.

He envisions community events will be planned to help get trees into the ground.

The motion will return to Chatham-Kent council on Nov. 18.