WINDSOR -- Charges have been withdrawn in the case of a fatal dog attack in Windsor last May because the owner of the attacking dog has passed away.

Joe McParland's greyhound "Vici" died after suffering puncture wounds in an April attack by another dog, Karma.

McParland posted on Facebook Thursday, indicating he's confirmed Karma's owner John Scenna was killed in an apartment fire at Ouellette and Hanna last month.

"I'm not happy about it and I don't take solace in the fact that he's passed away,” says McParland. “He caused me a lot of grief, he caused my dog a lot of pain, but this was a man who had a very tortured life."

Scenna was scheduled to plead guilty to an assault charge next week, but that has now been withdrawn. There is still action before the court asking for an order to euthanize the dog.

McParland says his case against the city, Scenna and the humane society has been settled to his satisfaction -- but cannot comment on the details of the settlement.

He tells CTV News the parties will meet later this month to resolve some existing oversight issues.

"Vici's death is not in vain," McParland adds. "I promised the residents back in April and May that I was going to fight to get things changed and they picked on the wrong guy and the wrong dog owner."

The meeting is set for Nov. 25, after which McParland says he will address the media.