40-year-old Carl Leone has been granted unescorted absences from jail as he continues to serve an 18 year sentence for infecting partners with HIV from 1997 to 2004.

He was sentenced in 2008 after he pled guilty to 15 counts of sexual assault.

Five of the women contracted HIV.

The Parole Board granted  Leone two 72 hour temporary absences for personal development and four 72 hour unescorted temporary absence for family visits.

There are a number of restrictions which include not to consume alcohol and drugs and to report to parole supervisor. any attempts to initiate intimate sexual and non-sexual friendships..

The board also felt that Leone will not present an undue risk to society during his absence.

Leone’s application for day parole was denied last month.

While absences require a return to the jail after a period no longer than 72 hours, parole would have allowed Leone to stay in a community halfway house.