A cannabis cruise is coming to Windsor.

Windsor River Cruises and Border City Entertainment are holding a cannabis cruise on the Detroit River.

The first sailing is scheduled for Sept. 20 but organizers say the cruise sold out in two days.

So a second cruise is being planned for Sept. 26.

Jessilin Deschamps of Windsor River Cruises says they want to create an accepting community event that celebrates cannabis.

"It's something we're able to do now, something we've been waiting a long time to do and we just want to give people a venue and place to do it," says Deschamps.

People who go on the three-hour cruise will not be able to buy any marijuana, CBD or THC products but attendees can bring their own cannabis.

"Because this is a private event, people know what they're coming for," Deschamps tells CTV Windsor. "We're still playing by the rules, everybody's going to have a great time, nobody's going to get in trouble."

People must also be 19 or older to purchase tickets.

The Windsor Port Authority says the vessel has met all marine inspection requirements with Transport Canada and is being operated by a certified captain.

As for the law, Windsor Police are not concerned with smoke on the water but is reminding passengers if they're high on the boat, they shouldn't drive afterwards.

The quick uptake in interest has the regional tourism board paying attention.

"We'll let the industry take us where they want to go,” says Tourism Windsor-Essex Pelee Island CEO Gordon Orr. “But certainly we'll be there as a marketing support if that's something we indeed want to market and collaborate on together."

Orr says it might take a while for canna-tourism to catch on because there aren’t many players yet.

"One sort of event or product or experience is not enough of a trip motivator, necessarily," he says, noting successful collaborations like the Barrels, Bottles and Brews Trail as well as the promotion of EPIC Wineries.

"Enough of them wanted to work collectively, because individually, they realized they weren't as strong," Orr says.

Deschamps believes the uniqueness of the event will draw cross-border attention.

"This could become an international thing, this could really bring people together in a big way," says Deschamps.