A LaSalle woman is speaking out against a proposed settlement in a class action lawsuit involving diluted chemotherapy treatments.

Sarah Johnson blames the incident for her cancer coming back and she says the settlement doesn't cover her pain and suffering.

This story goes back to 2012, when it was discovered that over 1,200 cancer patients allegedly received diluted chemotherapy.

About 290 of those patients were in Windsor-Essex, including Johnson, who is not happy with the settlement.

Everyday is a fight for Johnson.

“I can't do up zippers for my kids anymore,” says Johnson. “I can't do their shoes up for them.  I can't sometimes walk up the stairs to say goodnight.”

It was four years ago when Johnson was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer. She was 37 at the time and seven months pregnant.

“I've had over 200 rounds of chemo, 50 rounds of radiation, I've lost the use of my right arm.”

Halfway through her treatment, Johnson was given the shocking news - that the chemo she was receiving was diluted and that her cancer had spread.

“I trusted my oncologist,” she says. “I trust that it is possible that's why my cancer came back.”

A class action lawsuit was brought forward on behalf of patients like Johnson, against Mezentco Solution.

However a settlement of over $2.3-million has been reached. It means Johnson and more than 1200 other chemo patients in Ontario and New Brunswick will receive $1,500.

"It just really is a slap in the face,” says Johnson. “Fifteen hundred dollars.  The lawyers said the only reason we have to get anything out of this is for stress reasons.”

Johnson received the letter from the law firm that stated the people involved in the class action lawsuit have two options. One is to accept the offer, the second is to opt-out, but Johnson is hoping that people will take a different approach and instead write a letter of objection.

"We don't agree with the settlement so we need to object to the settlement and say to the lawyer no we don't want this settlement,” says Johnson.

Sutts Strosberg is one of two firms involved in the lawsuit. In a news release, Harvey Strosberg stated "This is not a good settlement. Given the circumstances, this is an excellent settlement."

The proposed settlement needs to be approved by a judge by Jan. 10, 2017.

CTV News did reach out to Sutts Strosberg. A representive said they will not comment until the matter goes before the judge.