Leamington Mayor John Paterson has confirmed to CTV News that Heinz is going to work with a Canadian firm to utilize space in the soon to be closed facility.

A news release will be issued Thursday morning by Heinz, something  Paterson says “will make a lot of people happy”.

Paterson wouldn’t confirm what this new product will be.

"When I was getting prepared to come up to Toronto for this conference, the interested party we were working with gave me a jingle and said that it was probably a good idea if I was in Leamington on Wednesday,” Paterson told CTV News Tuesday night.

Paterson returned to Leamington Wednesday after attending a conference in Toronto for the Ontario Good Roads Association.

Heinz announced in November it would close the plant on June 27 of this year, putting close to 800 full-time employees out of work, along with hundreds of seasonal workers.