WINDSOR -- A grassroots group opposed to the location of a new $2 billion hospital in Windsor-Essex has laid out its arguments at a Local Planning Appeal Tribunal hearing.

Day one of the hearing at Windsor City Hall attracted dozens of people interested in the argument over the location at County Road 42 and the 9th concession.

The group CAMPP – the Citizens for an Accountable Mega Hospital Planning Process – calls the proposed site "unjustified" and "uneconomical."

CAMPP is appealing city council's decision in August 2018, when members approved rezoning 400 hectares of land near the Windsor airport.

At Tuesday's hearing, the group outlined 23 arguments against the decision. They include the fact that it adds to urban sprawl, it is bad for the environment because people will have to drive further for care, and the city didn't get input from local First Nations.

CAMPP also argues the decision flies in the face of the city's and the province's planning policies to focus on redeveloping brownfields and protecting agricultural lands.

CAMPP believes there are 221 hectares of brownfields within the boundaries of Windsor that a better suited for a new hospital location.

The group reiterates it agrees with the need for a new hospital in Windsor but it doesn't like where Windsor Regional Hospital wants to build it.

CAMPP lawyer Eric Gillespie started the hearing by introducing a motion to have the adjudicator recuse himself because the city supplied a statement about previous meetings.

Gillespie argued they did not accept the city's position and therefore did not provide a statement, and the adjudicator received privileged information.

But the motion was denied.

On Wednesday, the city and Windsor Regional Hospital will make presentations at the hearing.

Officials from Windsor Regional Hospital and elected officials in the region have been stating for months that a delay in the process could put the project in jeopardy.