WINDSOR, ONT. -- Windsor’s mayor says he wants to correct the spelling of a west Windsor and LaSalle road to properly represent the man it’s named after.

Mayor Drew Dilkens says he’s going to ask Windsor city council to correct the spelling of Matchette Road to reflect the correct and intended name to Matchett Road, according to his post on social media on Thursday.

“Our research shows the name was mysteriously changed sometime in the 1940's but it's clear the road was named after Alfred Matchett,” says Dilkens.

Matchett was a Canadian veteran of the Fenian Raids on Canada and one of the first people to settle the former Town of Ojibway, according to Dilkens’ Facebook post.

“Anyone fortunate enough to have a street named after them deserves the dignity to have their name spelled properly!” he writes. “We will make this right.”

The Matchett Road Facebook group applauds the post, saying “What a great start to 2021, we are very excited and appreciative!”

LaSalle Mayor Marc Bondy says once it is brought before LaSalle council, he will try to get it passed.

“Mr. Matchett deserves to be remembered properly and accurately,” says Bondy.

He says the name change went before council previously, in March of 2012.