WINDSOR, ONT. -- After a one-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the Canadian Automobile Association has brought back its worst roads campaign.

This time around, CAA South Central Ontario wants all road users to vote in order to highlight which improvements different levels of government should prioritize.

“The campaign gives decision-makers a snapshot of what roads the public perceives are not meeting their expectations,” said Raymond Chan, government relations manager CAA SCO.

Chan said transportation habitats have changed in the last year as more people are cycling or driving their vehicles instead of carpooling and using public transit.

“Our roads are essential, they are the arteries used every day to keep workers, goods and services flowing and should be maintained more than ever,” added Chan. “As people are encouraged to stay home and telework during the pandemic, governments should continue to take advantage of lighter traffic patterns as an opportunity for road repair. These efforts can also be refocused on increasingly popular modes of transportation, such as cycling and walking.”

Chan further stated that maintenance will be key to the economic recovery of local communities.

Nominations for CAA’s Worst Roads can be cast until Apr 18, 2021.

Once voting is closed, CAA will compile a list of the 10 Worst Roads in Ontario, along with the Worst Roads in regions across the province.

The regional top five lists will help shine further light on the state of local roads in municipalities across Ontario.

CAA will present the list of 2021 Worst Roads to local and provincial officials to help inform future funding and planning decisions.