WINDSOR, ONT. -- A Ward 7 by-election candidate is calling for an independent review of the City of Windsor’s handling of COVID-19.

Mike Malott discussed the idea during a Facebook live Q&A event on Thursday.

“We definitely need an independent review of the actions the city took during COVID,” says Malott.

During the online discussion, Malott was asked if Transit Windsor should be deemed essential.

“By no means is this an attack on the mayor and I’m definitely not attacking other councillors, but I definitely think there are things we could have done better during the pandemic,” says Malott.

Malott says he believed suspended transit operations last March negatively impacted low-income and marginalized workers. Transit Windsor services resumed under new protocol in May.

“It left people really searching for a way to get to work and I don’t think that’s a stress that they should have had to worry about in a time of COVID,” says Malott.

A dozen candidates are running in the Ward 7 by-election set for Oct. 5. Joining Malott are Ernie Lamont, Howard Weeks, Igor Dzaic, Farrah El-Hajj, Michelle Gajewski, Jeewen Gill, Barb Holland, Greg Lehman, Angelo Marignani, Thérèse Papineau and Albert Saba.