The Town of Essex is officially standing up to bullies.

Council on Tuesday approved an anti-bullying campaign that includes additional signage promoting ‘bully free zones’ at town facilities and parks.

The campaign was first discussed in June after deputy mayor Richard Meloche said he received a number of complaints from residents about bullying and foul language in local parks.

Meloche credits town staff for putting together a campaign so quickly.

“With bullying being in the forefront today, everybody knows it's not acceptable,” says Meloche. “As soon as this came up, administration said yes, it’s something we need to do immediately, so they put in the forefront and got it done.”

The anti-bullying campaign will also include a social media blitz and enhanced staff training.

“Now we're going to see some additional training that goes to staff so they can recognize bullying in our facilities and sort of be an intervention for any bullying that is going on,” adds Meloche.

Meloche says the OPP support the campaign, and there will be an increased police presence in local parks.

The campaign will cost the Town of Essex $750 for additional signage, which will be erected in July or August.