The cost to build in the Town of Tecumseh is going up.

Council on Tuesday approved a 10 per cent increase in development fees over the next five years.

The change, which takes effect Sept. 1, follows public consultation on development charges.

Some builders had hoped council would wait another year before approving an increase.

Now, some developers will pay about $17,000 more in additional charges per residential development.

Still, Deputy Mayor Joe Bachetti argues the town still has some of the lowest rates in the county.

"It's important that we do that and review that every five year, so that planned development, developers pay for development, so it's not on the backs of taxpayers," says Bachetti. "We're right in the middle of comparable to regional municipalities, and we feel very confident moving forward."

The decision was a unanimous one by council. Members believe it will not have a negative impact on future growth.

Stats from Tecumseh's building department show the town has issued more than $12 million in building permits in the first six months of 2019.