WINDSOR, ONT. -- Budget deliberations are set to begin Tuesday evening in Amherstburg and residents could see a significant increase in taxes.

The town's draft budget for 2021 is calling for a 7.55 per cent increase.

That works out to roughly $185 on a home assessed at $250,000.

Mayor Aldo Dicarlo says the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to the tax increase but is not the sole reason.

He points to amenities being closed, a relatively low reserve fund, and the town’s behind on infrastructure such as road repairs.

Dicarlo says there is a cost to maintaining the town's infrastructure and Amherstburg won’t be receiving $1.7 million dollars from the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund.

“If taxes go up it’s to address the services, amenities and infrastructure the residents have asked for,” says Dicarlo.

The budget increase includes spending $3.8 million on roads and bridges, plus a $200,000 pilot project for a transit system between the town and Windsor.

“Now the ones who said I want a reduction and I’m prepared to give up amenities, that’s a fair position to take,” Dicarlo tells CTV Windsor. 

He believes council will most likely bring down the tax increase below the proposed 7.55 per cent increase.

The town has set three days aside for budget deliberations.