An adjudicator has ordered Staff Sgt. Paul Bridgeman be demoted for 18 months.

Retired York Regional Police Superintendent Richard Finn made the decision to demote Bridgeman Monday. Bridgeman will now carry the rank of sergeant for that period.

Bridgeman was found guilty on Sept. 20 of discreditable conduct and neglect of duty for his role following the 2010 assault on Dr. Tyceer Abouhassan.

“Staff sergeant Paul Bridgeman (will) be immediately reduced in rank from staff sergeant to that of sergeant for a period of 18 months,” Finn said in a statement. “At the end of that period he shall be returned to the rank of staff sergeant." 

As the senior investigator in charge of the case, Bridgeman was accused of covering up evidence, but the court heard information that proved otherwise.

David Van Buskirk ultimately pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five months in jail, while a fellow officer who was also charged retired.