WINDSOR, ON -- Belle River resident and Lakeshore firefighter, Mike Aubin embarked on the ‘Bridge to Bridge’ run from the Ambassador Bridge ending in his home-town of Belle River, Saturday.

Aubin completed the 33-kilometre run in two hours and twenty-five minutes. 

Aubin, a runner himself, has competed in 17 marathons including the Boston Marathon twice. 

Today the runner raised $1500, bringing the Go Fund Me total to just over $7000.

This is the third Bridge to Bridge fundraising run this month. 

Organizer, Josh Horan hopes to raise $10,000 for frontline workers at Windsor Regional Hospital. 

Aubin’s goal was to raise money to keep healthcare workers safe. 

"The money is going to go towards personal protective equipment. I guess they are going through it like crazy so it’s a huge cost. And I’ve seen on the website monitors, pumps and thing like that, ventilators."