An Ottawa boy with autism is getting a new puppy, thanks to a Windsor police officer.

Alex Brown’s golden retriever ran away when his family was visiting Harrow over Thanksgiving and was ultimately hit by a vehicle and killed.

"It really bothered a lot of us and it struck a chord in our hearts," says Windsor Const. Sean Patterson.

Patterson and other officers have raised money to buy the Ottawa family a new puppy.

“He's just a special little boy and unfortunately to go through something like that at his young age, it's a difficult thing," says Patterson.

He’s getting the new puppy, a seven-week-old yellow labrador,  from Essex breeder Doug Campeau.

Campeau told CTV News he didn’t want to give just any dog, he wanted to give this particular puppy because of its calm nature.

"It's important to get a puppy that is really going to be easy to train," says Campeau.

Campeau tells CTV News that labrador retrievers are known for their service capabilities and a specific puppy was selected for the Ottawa family.

The family is coming to get the dog next Saturday.

A trust fund has been set up at TD Bank for anyone wanting to make a donation to the family. It's in Patterson's name but in care of Ottawa mother Jackie Brown.

“It's a great happy ending, it's a tear jerker I've had to hold back emotions a couple times so, I'm just glad," says Patterson.