Parents are urging the Greater Essex County District School Board to reconsider a planned boundary adjustment.

But board officials say they have to do something as two schools are under capacity in east Windsor, while the newest school is over.

Trustees were asked Tuesday night to change the boundaries for three schools - David Suzuki, Hetherington and Princess Elizabeth.

The latter two are under capacity at 79 per cent and 60 per cent.

David Suzuki meantime, the newest of the three schools, is currently sitting at 104 per cent capacity.

Board officials say it’s too expensive to operate schools under capacity and making a change to boundaries will level out the problem.

One parent told CTV News he understands the need to keep schools even, but says it will be hard to send his children to a school that's further away.

“It’s not a lot further away but it is further than the current school,” says David Walsh.

The trustees unanimously agreed with the boundary changes which will go into effect in September.