A Windsor father wants other parents to be aware after his daughter stepped on a nail-filled board in a city park.

Dennis Godfrey tells CTV News he was kicking a soccer ball in Realtor Park with his two daughters on Sunday afternoon when one of them fell into a hole.

When she pulled her foot out of the hole, Godfrey says he found a piece of wood with nails stuck to her foot.

“There was this piece of wood with eight nails hammered through it, stuck in her foot,” says Godfrey. “I went over there and somebody had dug a hole, covered the hole and then put these nails with the board in the hole.”

Godfrey says his daughter is limping as one of the nails punctured her toe, but she is otherwise fine.

It was found in Realtor Park just off Edgar Street in the Riverside area.

Godfrey warns parents to check the area where their kids are playing.

“Now you can't even go into the park in your own backyard,” says Godfrey. “It's ridiculous that someone went through this trouble to try to harm somebody.”

Godfrey says he contacted Windsor police but was told it might be difficult to find the person responsible for the nail-filled board.