WINDSOR, ONT. -- Chatham-Kent Public Health is confident they have their latest COVID-19 outbreak under control.

But it’s not over yet.

Last month, the Word of Life Church in Blenheim, Ont. was linked to over 30 cases of COVID-19. On Oct. 30, it shut down voluntarily.

“They technically don’t need my permissions to open again, but I can certainly deny that if I’m not happy,” says Medical Officer of Health Dr. David Colby.

Colby says the church remains closed and public heath continues to monitor the place of worship.

“Our number of new cases has slowed to barest trickle. I don’t think we’ve had any in the last couple of days,” says Colby.

On Tuesday, Colby also addressed an online rumour that the cluster started because of a Thanksgiving party, supposedly held by the church pastor.

“The source of that was a church member travelling to visit family in another health unit who had a history of recent illness,” says Colby.

Eight months into the pandemic, Colby believes the situation is no longer unique, and residents are more comfortable dealing with outbreaks.

“This was a substantial outbreak and the leadership has reported that they were following recommended guidelines, so I’m not sure where things broke down there,” he explains.

Chatham-Kent Public Health will publish an epidiagram once the outbreak is over.

“When that is declared over and everyone comes off the active list, I think we’ll go down to active digit single cases numbers again.”

CTV Windsor did reach out the church for comment but did not hear back Thursday.