Now is the time for homeowner to acquaint themselves with time-of-use pricing EnWin says.

The hydro company will begin rolling-out time-of-use billing by late-April throughout Windsor, and they’re urging residents to be prepared for the change.

What is time-of-use billing and how does it work? Well the time-of-use aspect of the equation refers to the on and off-peak hours customers use electricity. EnWin says during on-peak hours, there’s a greater demand for electricity, resulting in a higher cost for customers.

That’s why EnWin says with the introduction of time-of-use, will reward customers for using electricity during off-peak hours.

The first people to see the new billing system will be sometime around April 24, with the full billing process being rolled-out before the end of May.

For a breakdown of electricity peaks you can visit EnWin’s website.