A popular retail store will be closing its downtown Windsor location at the end of the month.

BB Branded announced it will only operate out of Devonshire Mall, and exit its Ouellette Avenue store front.

"For us, it was kind of inevitable," said owner Ayad Saddy.

The store first opened in 2004 at 347 Ouellette Avenue before expanding to Devonshire Mall 10 years later.

“When we were just downtown we were doing very well. It started in 2011 because we were just downtown and we had a niche market," said Saddy. 

The move also comes as the company is putting a stronger focus into its online store.

“The mall is doing well, but the online is what's actually growing," said Saddy.

During their time in the city’s core, the creators of ‘Win City’ brand saw multiple celebrities stop in, such as Russell Peters and Howie Mandel. 

“Even when those things happened, it actually brought more business to the mall," Saddy tells CTV Windsor.

Ward 3 City Councillor Rino Bortolin believes BB Branded served as an incubator for others businesses to take a chance on downtown.

“In a lot of ways, BB Branded is a downtown success story," said Bortolin.

While the core is losing another retailer, Bortolin says the area is still attracting other businesses. He tells CTV Windsor two other stores have opened up on Maiden Lane in the past few weeks. 

"Overall in the downtown, the store front vacancy rates have gone down,” said Bortolin. “So, there is still work to do and we're not avoiding that work.”

BB Branded officially closes its downtown location at 5 p.m. on June 29.