Hens are going to be allowed in urban areas of Tecumseh for at least two years.

Tecumseh council has approved a two-year pilot project allowing residents to keep backyard chickens in the urban areas of the town.

As part of the pilot, residents must file an application to keep urban hens, pay a $25 fee, have an on-site inspection and meet all conditions outlined in the program.

Properties up to 10,000 square feet will be permitted to have six hens with an additional hen per 3,000 square foot over 10,000 up to 12 hens.

The decision follows public consultation via an online survey and Public Information Centre.

The program will get underway in 2020 once the by-law is adopted.

Council asked staff to make two amendments to the program to allow a variance process for proposed hen facilities that may extend beyond the rules set out above and to provide for the keeping of hatchlings identified as pullets at an age younger than four months.