Renovations at historic Assumption Church are now underway after council gave the project committee the green light.

Council on Monday approved the final permits for the project.

The first phase of the renovations includes $1.35 million for a new copper roof to replace the asphalt shingles as well as a new HVAC system for the 174-year-old church.

Paul Mullins, who is the project spokesperson, says he will also return to council soon so the city can honour a financial commitment made a decade ago.

"$250,000 have been committed by the heritage group in the city 10 years ago,” says Mullins. “Those funds have never been advanced, so we'll be asking for that. We'll be back also to council asking for that amount to be increased and multiplied. We don't know the exact number. But we'll be asking the city to provide substantial support to this very important project."

Mullins tells CTV Windsor the bids for the first phase of the renovation work came in 30 per cent under budget. The tender for the project was awarded to Pupatello & Sons Ltd. in May.

Mullins is also urging the public to continue to support the renovation project.

"It's such an important cultural facility for the city, it's such an important facility for the history of the whole area that it's really important that the public participate,” says Mullins. “And government funds are really essential to make these things happen."

A report released in April relayed a sense of urgency to parishioners concerning the restoration of Windsor's oldest church.

The latest report, titled ‘Resurrection’, by Mullins warns the ongoing delays to repair the historic Assumption Church could add hundreds of thousands of dollars to the final cost.

In Mullins’ first report, the failings of the two previous fundraising campaigns were outlined while the following report identified a $20 million fundraising goal to complete the restoration of the 177-year-old church.

Local philanthropist Al Quesnel has offered to match up to $5 million, but donations need to be collected by the end of August.

In April, it was reported a million dollars had been formally donated, while a further $3.25 million has been informally committed.

Assumption church has been unoccupied for five years and is 10 years removed from the first fundraising campaign to restore the historic west-end building.