Assault charges have now been dropped against a Windsor man in connection to the stabbing death of a Brampton man.

The crown attorney chose to withdraw two assault charges against 24-year-old Ahmed Jaber.

Four people were previously charged in connection with the death of Kevin Kugathasan, 19, who was fatally stabbed in October of 2013 after a melee broke out in downtown Windsor.

Two charges were dropped against Jaber in a Windsor court on Tuesday.

“He's very pleased and now in a position to move on with his life,” says Frank Miller, Jaber’s defence lawyer.

On Oct.19, 2013, Jaber was part of a fight downtown involving as many as 12 people. Jaber was also injured in the incident. Kugathasan, a University of Windsor student, was fatally stabbed.

Miller says the charges were dropped because the crown didn't expect to get a conviction.

“When one looked at it closely, the issue really required the putting of a knife in Mr. Jaber's hand and there was no way of doing that,” says Miller.

Miller says the issue came down to DNA. He says his client suffered a non-life threatening stab wound to the head.

“There was all kinds of video, he was not seen with a knife,” says Miller. “There was some DNA material on the knife that couldn't be used to establish he ever held the knife.”

With the charges dropped against him and strict bail conditions lifted Miller says his client is pleased to put the tragic incident behind him.

“He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong group of people,” says Miller.

Four people were charged with different offences after Kugathasan died.

In November, the only charge of first degree murder was dropped against Dwayne Nicolas Pierce.

Abdul Rahman Al-Bousaleh pled guilty to common assault in September.

Ali Mahmoud Ahmed, charged with possession of a dangerous weapon, will go to trial next month.