Essex County Council has given the green light to a comprehensive study of one of the busiest roads in the region.

The county and the Town of Lakeshore will split the $280,000 cost to conduct a traffic study on County Road 22 from East Puce Road to West Belle River Road.

Lakeshore mayor Tom Bain says traffic has become a problem on that road.

"It's a corridor that's as busy as the 401, if not, on some days, busier than the 401,” says Bain. "Part of it is we are growing too fast, we are growing leaps and bounds in Lakeshore and we want to be able to set out a plan to control that growth so that in the future we don't have a lot of problems come back to haunt us."

Bain adds the current infrastructure is outdated and upgrades are well overdue.

“We know there's a lot of potential there and before we start moving ahead hodgepodge, we wanted to make sure that it was done right,” adds Bain.

County council also approved spending $83,000 to study lighting, noise, drainage, landscaping and trees.

The last environmental assessment of the area was done in 2006.

The study may take a year to complete.