A Toronto man -- who was found with a loaded rifle and face mask after he was involved in a horrific crash on Highway 3 – testified that he doesn’t recall many details of what happened.

Emergency crews responded to a head-on collision on Highway 3 near Sexton Side Rd. in Tecumseh on April 26, 2017.

Tariq Elamin, 29, was in the passenger seat of one of the vehicles involved in the crash. Police say he had a loaded rifle in his pant leg and was in possession of a mask.

But according to AM800’s Teresinha Medeiros, Elamin told a Windsor court Thursday that he doesn’t remember how he ended up with the rifle or mask – and couldn’t recall where he was going.

The crown argues that type of weapon, a 22-calibre rifle isn’t easy to obtain and Elamin agreed.

Elamin also had cocaine, alcohol and marijuana in his system, according to hospital records. He testified he doesn’t remember smoking or ingesting drugs.

Elamin testified that he was the victim of an assault and head blow three days prior to the Highway 3 crash.

A co-accused in the case, Satvir Singh, was driving the car when it crashed.

Singh pleaded guilty and was sentenced to jail in January. He was found with a bandolier or sash with 25 shotgun shells around his chest when police arrived on scene.