WINDSOR, ONT. -- Is your car insurance premium higher than it should be?

Millions of Canadians are working from home and commuting less because of travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are far fewer vehicles on the roads – and that has meant a $6.7 billion decrease in insurance payouts across the country in 2020.

Industry experts say that some insurance companies may automatically apply a rebate or discount to your policy. For others, the insurance holder must contact their insurer to make a request for an adjustment. For example, the Canadian Automobile Association is offering a 15 per cent discount to their rates.

Now is a great time to comparison shop for a competitive rate. Across the board and the nation — car insurance rates should be decreasing and the trend will continue — tied to the “hibernation” pattern of millions of drivers.

Not every company compares rates in the same way. In addition, when you make a request for a discount due to a lack of driving – the insurer will run a thorough check of your driving record. Any blemish in your history will count against you.

The best scenario for savings is for the car owner who is not driving at all. In that case, you can deduct some coverage and save the cash.

One key recommendation — do not cancel your insurance coverage altogether.

For more information regarding discounts, rebates and other vehicle insurance policy requests or changes consult your insurance provider directly.