The new family aquatic centre is bringing hope to University Avenue businesses that have been dreaming of a development anchor, such as an arena or family friendly centre, in the area for decades.

Sir Cedric’s Fish & Chips has fried up fish for hungry customers for 35 years. The family owners say this last decade has been the hardest on the business.

“It's a lot more work and a lot more effort than it used to be,” owner Jeff Bouzide says.

But he’s hopeful the Windsor International Aquatic and Training Complex will turn things around.

“I think we should do really well because our business caters to families. There's a lot of low cost items, mid range items.”

The owner of the service market says he's seen a boost in business since construction started.

"I would say about 10 percent more business," Camille Helou says.

But he’s not confident that the centre will continue to generate more business for him, since the front faces the opposite direction.

"They need more design on University because, to me, people pass by and they don't even know it exists."

Another business owner who did not want to appear on camera, said his biggest concern with all the recent development downtown is that there won't be enough parking for regular customers.

Still, there is hope along University.

“Out of all the ideas floated over the years, the aquatic centre may be the best one,’ Bouzide says.

“This is going to be perhaps even better than an arena for us because there's going to be steady flow every day."