Many animals in the Chatham-Kent region are benefiting from a treatment typically reserved for humans.

Similar to a normal chiropractor, Dr. Mike Fife massages animals back to their healthy and normal state.

Roberta Dunlop likes the treatments for her fast-growing puppy. She first noticed something different in her eight-week-old Clumber Spaniel several months ago.

"She was just off now and then and he was able to correct that and detect it immediately," says Dunlop.

Finding peace of mind with Chatham's newest veterinarian, Dunlop opted for alternative therapy.

"I said sometimes she seems off and it was her shoulder and he popped it right in and it hasn't come out again," says Dunlop.

Now on a health plan, eight-month-old Brin gets chiropractic treatment on a regular basis.

"What's good for us is good for them," says Dunlop.

Fife says animal chiropractic can be used to help heal anything from injuries to arthritis.

"There aren't very many veterinarians who do alternative therapy like chiropractic, but it's becoming much more common," says Fife.

He says by the second or third visit they run into the room, lay on the mats and they accept the treatments very easily.

"It’s a little bit more progressive with the approach we take to healing animals," he says.

Fife treats several animals, including ferrets, rabbits, cats, dogs and horses.