Navy Yard Park in Amherstburg may be bright with the changing colours of fall right now, but a team of volunteers are itching to light it up for the Christmas

Lori Bezaire has been working away in her Amherstburg garage on a 12-foot Bumble for the last nine months. The Abominable Snow Monster will debuted the first weekend of November, near the town’s sign on Sandwich Street.

Bezaire says despite the hard work and expense, making Bumble was well worth it.

“He makes me feel very proud and he's become like a member of the family,” she says. “I'm very excited for the kids in town, and the opening night of River Lights to come out and see him.”

The creature is part of the annual River Lights holiday decorating around town. Also new this year, the hanging baskets will also be transformed into huge Christmas balls.