An historic Amherstburg home has been purchased by the town.

A proposal to buy the old Belle Vue House had been turned down two weeks ago, with councillors citing cost and debt levels.

But a group of residents named "The Friends of Belle Vue" asked council to reconsider a decision not to buy the historic home.

Councillor Joan Courtney changed her vote from the Sept. 12 meeting, councillor Bart DiPasquale also voted yes, and mayor Aldo DiCarlo broke the tie.

The total financial commitment is $1.1 million.

Plans to renovate it would obviously run that tab higher, depending on the scope of work.

The 200-year-old Belle Vue House on Dalhousie Street dates back to the war of 1812 and has been used for a variety of purposes.

Advocates of the purchase say council was wise to overturn its previous decision.

“You don't starve yourself to bring debt down to nothing and let opportunities that only happen once in a lifetime go by," says Michael Prue.

Amherstburg resident Brad Robitaille says it's going to anchor at the south end of the town more opportunity for tourism.

“It's the first step in restoring and preserving one of the most magnificent heritage buildings in the entire country," says Robitaille.