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Amherstburg running training exercise for nuclear emergency


The Fire Department and Town employees have set up an Emergency Worker Center at the Libro Centre as part of a training exercise in the event of a nuclear emergency.

It took place from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., during which time, most of the building was off-limits to the public.

The worker centre would be utilized during any local large-scale emergency, including a Nuclear Emergency at the Fermi II Plant.

The Emergency Worker Center will be activated in the event of a Nuclear Emergency and provide:

  • radiation monitoring and decontamination of Emergency Workers and their vehicles
  • radiation exposure control for Emergency Workers
  • a staging and rest area for Emergency Workers and others who may have to enter the

Emergency Planning Zone that could be affected by an incident at Fermi II.

Municipal officials say Amherstburg’s emergency management program is always focused on preparedness and practice in case staff are ever called upon to serve the community during any type of emergency.

“Failing to practice is practicing to fail,” adds community emergency management coordinator and fire Chief Bruce Montone.

"Practice is very, very important when it comes to emergency response," Montone said.

"Part of our response to a nuclear emergency is setting up what they call an Emergency Worker Center, because there will be literally hundreds of responders, scientists and others that are going to come to Amherstburg to help us deal with the situation."

Montone explained the location is set up to protect them.

"With staff turnover, which occurs on an ongoing basis everywhere, we have some new staff that haven't experienced it, so this is good for them as well," says Montone.

He continued, "It's probably the single biggest fear that residents have in terms of emergencies, right? Not that anyone wants to experience any kind of emergency, but, a nuclear event is something that people worry about, so this helps us be better prepared."

Montone noted additional emergency centre training will continue in November, "If you fail to practice, then you're practicing to fail, and that's not an option." Top Stories

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